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Arnold Gundersen with a new report on the Fukushima meltdowns and their worldwide implications


Arnie Gundersen

Arnie Gundersen

This week Dr Caldicott welcomes back nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen for yet another update on the stricken Fukushima plant which suffered multiple nuclear meltdowns in 2011. As background, read the May 5 article Thousands March as Japan Shuts off Nuclear Power, for Now: Japan goes nuke free for first time in four decades amidst pressure to restart and the April 7 article Fukushima Reactor 4: Life On Planet Earth in the Balance. They discuss the vulnerabilities of each of the four damaged reactors including the worldwide implications if much more radiation is released, and the psychological effects on the Japanese of the disaster. They also talk about California’s two nuclear power plants, both right on the coastline and on or very close to major earthquake faults. A meltdown at San Onofre, north of San Diego, would contaminate Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and render a huge part of the state uninhabitable. Watch Gundersen talk about the recent shutdown at San Onofre because of steam-generator leaks. Read Latest Accident at San Onofre Nuclear Plant Worries Activists, Residents and check out Daily Beast’s report on the Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Plants. Check out the San Onofre Nuclear Safety Issues site. And see Nuclear Russian Roulette in California: Dan Hirsch on San Onofre, which includes video of the presentation by Hirsch, from an Oct. 2011 panel which also featured Dr. Caldicott and Gundersen. The talk covers how a nuclear accident at San Onofre would trap eight million people.

7 Responses to “Arnold Gundersen with a new report on the Fukushima meltdowns and their worldwide implications”

  1. Nigel Lawson Says:

    I feel like the world is being run by psychopaths. Don’t these people who run our government have children? Maybe these characters believe that they are radiation proof? I guess that because radiation cannot be felt, smelt, or tasted, its a case of out of sight out of mind as far as these people are concerned.
    As far as I am concerned, the only thing that would probably bring about a major change in the minds of the powers that be in Japan, would be if the imperial family came down with cancer due to radiation exposure.

  2. bill zhangsun Says:

    thank you Mr. Gunderson, Dr. Caldecott, and people like you who dedicated your time and expertise to inform us about the dangers of nuclear power, as we know it today.
    I hope your effort will help wake up the mass soon.

  3. Dr Kyle Litz Says:

    Excellent show. I greatly respect the questions, opinions and commentary presented on this CRITICAL issue. If not for your program, the work of folks like Arnie and ENENEWS, I feel like we are living in an information vacuum regarding the ongoing risks posed by the damaged nuclear plants in Japan.

  4. Bob DiBenedetto Says:

    It’s time to close the world’s nuclear power plants and to institute aggressive policies to increase energy efficiency and conservation. At the same time, let’s remove the subsidies from dirty fuels and support the rapid transition to modern, renewable forms of energy. We can do this, and we have to start now. Join us in making this transition happen on Long Island and around the world. There is no more time to waste. The nuclear-safety-fallacy has been exposed for what it truly is.

    Thank you Dr. Caldecott for your ongoing, world-changing work. It’s unfortunate that it has taken a tragedy of these proportions to get the world to wake up to the need to move away from this dangerous technology.

  5. Dan Says:

    Given the inordinate amount of time that has passed since the accident and the inaction of the many governments capable of lending a hand, i have lost faith in our polititians. I can only conclude that there is a concerted and orchestrated effort to keep everyone in the dark about what is unfolding.
    I’ve given up on my government. Now my thoughts are turning to questions of how does my family possibly live in a contaminated world of radiation?
    How do we live with that? Once the cat is out of the bag, there’s no putting it back in.

  6. tony wilson Says:

    prince phillip of england once said when he died he would like to come back as a humanity killing virus.
    maybe the lack of international rescue effort by the elites is in line with depleted uranium missile use and new generation portable combat nuke weapons.
    in england lot’s of adverts about cancer care.
    they kill you slowly then make money giving you more radiation before you die.
    everyone here seems zombified and indifferent the degenerate inbred elites must be laughing at the stupidity and ignorance of the people.

  7. Thomas DeSoto Says:

    As a world reknown wildlife artist working my whole life to unvail natures beauty and a father, I’m horrified by our federdal governments and the national medias apathy towards this issue. OMG!!!