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Kono Taro on Japan’s reaction to the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Friday, January 27th, 2012


Kono Taro

Kono Taro

This week, Dr. Caldicott speaks with Kono Taro for an in-depth look at Japan’s reaction to the Fukushima meltdown. Mr. Kono is Director General of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s International bureau and a fifth-term Member of the House of Representatives in Japan. He is especially critical of the government’s pursuit of a so-called ‘closed’ nuclear fuel cycle whereby plutonium is extracted from spent fuel by nuclear waste re-processing within Japan. Mr. Kono also opposes the building of new nuclear power plants as the government has not dealt with the nuclear-waste issue. Some of the topics Dr. Caldicott and Mr. Kono discuss are the (more…)

Seymour Hersh and John Pilger on U.S. imperialism, Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons, and media complicity in war

Friday, January 20th, 2012


Seymour Hersh

Seymour Hersh

This week Dr. Caldicott talks to two noted journalists: Seymour Hersh, an American Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative writer based in Wahington D.C., and Australian documentary filmmaker John Pilger, two-time recipient of Britain’s Journalist of the Year award. In the first segment, Dr. Caldicott asks Hersh about his November 2011 article Iran and the I.A.E.A. They discuss the lack of evidence of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. Other topics include how the U.S. government manipulates information to justify its belligerent stance toward Iran, and why the U.S. media never questions the (more…)

Dr. Jim Green on Australia’s role in the nuclear weapons and nuclear power dangers around the world

Friday, January 13th, 2012


Jim Green

Dr. Jim Green

Dr. Caldicott interviews Dr. Jim Green this week. Dr. Green is the national nuclear campaigner for Friends of the Earth Australia, a federation of independent local groups working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future. His Ph.D. thesis dealt with the history of the Lucas Heights nuclear plant in Sydney, and the debate over the replacement of its nuclear research reactor. Dr. Green is also a member of the Energy Science Coalition. Among the topics Dr. Green and
Dr. Caldicott discuss are how Australia contributes to the U.S. nuclear-war fighting organization, how Australia having 40% of the world’s richest uranium contributes to nuclear weapons proliferation and (more…)

Dr. Reese Halter on global warming and why you should care about bark beetles, forests and honeybees

Friday, January 6th, 2012


Dr. Reese Halter

Dr. Reese Halter

In this episode of If You Love This Planet, Dr. Caldicott talks with conservation biologist Dr. Reese Halter.
Dr. Reese, as he is known, is a distinguished biologist who describes himself as an “Earth Doctor.” For more that 20 years, Dr. Reese has studied nature in both hemispheres. He currently teaches at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. Dr. Reese founded Global Forest Science, a conservation institute which educates children about ecology. He is also a broadcaster and author of seven books (more…)