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Chris Maser on the changes in thinking needed to save the environment


Chris Maser

Chris Maser

This week, Dr. Caldicott talks to Chris Maser, author and international consultant in forest ecology and sustainable forestry practices. Trained primarily as a vertebrate zoologist, Maser has spent over 25 years as a research scientist in natural history and ecology, including positions as a research ecologist with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management for thirteen years from 1974 the last eight studying old-growth forests in western Oregon and a landscape ecologist with the Environmental Protection Agency for one year in 1990. Maser is the author of Resolving Environmental Conflicts and Decision-Making for a Sustainable Environment: A Systemic Approach (Social Environmental Sustainability). Some of the topics covered in this interview include Maser’s theories on adapting to change, relationships between men and women, women’s inequality in a patriarchal order, the prevalence of fear and greed, our connection or lack thereof to the environment, and America’s spiritual bankruptcy. Maser describes his childhood spent in a near-wilderness, and how that shaped his views.

One Response to “Chris Maser on the changes in thinking needed to save the environment”

  1. Catherine Oller Says:

    Absolutely brilliant discussion — we need many, many, many more on these topics. I have long believed in much of Chris Maser’s key points: that men are afraid of women (for many reasons); that change is constant; recognizing one and oneness as a universal principal, distilled down, there are only two basic emotions and motivators: love and fear, the importance of raising women’s status to absolute equality with men and recognizing their individual total sovereignty over their own reproductive process — these points are key to solving everything — globally.

    I was kind of surprised that Helen did not recognize the dynamic that men are motivated by fear and fear of women being key to their desire to dominate women. I understand that this reality is not her mindset (nor is it mine and in fact I see it as deeply irrational in men) however I can clearly recognize it in the world or in my own life.

    Chris Maser is quite impressive in his willingness to express these common truths that are either taboo or simply rarely discussed – I salute him.

    Please Helen have him back and have more like him. Chris has his finger on some pivotal points that need addressing and once addressed and solutions or improved modalities found, will result in achieving the ends we all seek to save our planet and transform societies world-wide to live in balance with it.

    ALERT: the iTunes Podcast version of this interview with Chris Maser is actually the audio from the previous weeks interview with Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki. Please repost it would be a shame to have anyone miss this important interview.