If You Love This Planet, Dr. Helen Caldicott

Arnold Gundersen with the latest on the Fukushima meltdowns; a clip of Dr. Caldicott’s speech at the Berlin Chernobyl conference


Arnie Gundersen

Arnie Gundersen

This week, Dr. Caldicott has an in-depth conversation with Arnold Gundersen, energy advisor with Fairewinds Associates Inc. and a former nuclear engineer. They discuss the present situation in Fukushima, where three nuclear power plants have melted down, and the continuing effects of the disaster on Japan and the rest of the world. For background, read the June 16 article, Fukushima: It’s Much Worse Than You Think: Scientific experts believe Japan’s nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public, in which Gundersen states that “Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind.” Also check out The Big Fukushima Lie Flies High, Is a Rise in Infant Deaths in the Pacific Northwest Due to Fukushima? and Are We on the Brink of Burying Nuke Power Forever? Listen to an earlier If You Love This Planet interview with Gundersen here. The last 20 minutes of the show feature part of Dr. Caldicott’s April 9 speech at a recent Chernobyl conference sponsored by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in Berlin. She covers the implications of the unprecedented Fukushima accident and the wide-ranging and long-lasting health effects of nuclear radiation. Her remarks are presented to an audience which included many physicians and scientists. As background for this lecture excerpt, read Dr. Caldicott’s April 30 opinion piece in The New York Times, Unsafe at Any Dose. And read her book, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer.

5 Responses to “Arnold Gundersen with the latest on the Fukushima meltdowns; a clip of Dr. Caldicott’s speech at the Berlin Chernobyl conference”

  1. Steve Moyer Says:

    I think we need to turn our focus to how to deal with radioactivity in the body and what can be done to reduce the damage and help the body remove the isotopes. See my module at https://radhealth.nodes.org ( No Safari )

    I am advocating the following slogan for the 2008 election year in the U.S.


  2. Paul Says:

    The winds have not shifted and started blowing over Japan very much compared with March and April. Actually, in western Japan we have had virtually no Fukushima winds during June. This is incredibly Fortunate for us in Western Japan, but the wind has been blowing north to Hokkaido often and also across some parts of Northern Japan. However, it is said that the winds change in the late fall and early winter. Have a look at the German website: https://www.dwd.de/wundk/spezial/Sonderbericht_loop.gif
    This is the last radiation dispersion forecast map available to us.
    The radiation found in Tokyo is primarily from the March/April. There is occasional blowing to Tokyo now, but mainly, I believe, they are starting to identify radiation that was mainly deposited much earlier due to more extensive monitoring.

  3. Terry Yabumoto Says:

    I am writing this to inform all people on this planet of what’s going on in Japan. First, it has been reported on the internet that numerous children had suffered from heavy nose blood and anddiarrhea caused by Hot Particles in eastern area of japan, including Tokyo metropolitan area, which was observed just after Chernobyl catastrophe and TMI accident. Almost no newspare and TV reports this fact, with only one exception of “Tpkyo Nespapare” of June 16th. It is widely believed that the ministry of health of japan’s government has been giving pressure to hospitals and medical doctors not to make the fact open to the public. Second, Japan’s government is planning to move out to all over Japan, the tsunami waste and garbages sitting for more than 3 months in Tohoku area including Fukushima prefecture, which is contaminated by radioactive nuclides, and let local governments ” burn out ” the wastes and garbages. This would spread out the redioactive Hot Particles to all over over Japan and eliinate safe territory.
    Again, Very few people is aware of this would certainly happen and make entire Japan inhabitable. Please announce these facts to people in the world and let them know what Japan’s government is doing, and help us.

  4. Romano Maschietto Says:

    My son and his Japanese wife of ten years live in Tokyo. The reports I’m sending from many sources all repudiate Japanese gov explanation, from the very beginning. It is the cultural heritage that stand in the in tube way of the caution I encourage. The wife is responsible for her parents and they don’t want to dishonor their gov by leaving. All this face saving is distressing, to the point of my considering the gov inaction, not taking their people out of harms way as criminal.

  5. micsam Says:

    This is My Planet it’s where I live,, It’s Beautiful and I love it. The natural resources belong to everyone not just a few multinational corporations THINK!!! How can you clear up nuclear waste??? GE Can’t. How can you recreate a family, an ocean The Gulf of Mexico?? BP sure can’t, create a seed from nothing?? Monsanto Can’t.. The positive creative intelligent life force that created the string vibrations, neutrino the atom the outer universe and our inter universe, the super intelligent DNA makes the blue print of all thing seen and unseen The creative life force sure make Cameco, Areva, GE, Exelon, BP, Chevron, Exxon seem very small and not so intelligent just greedy little things using fear and force to take what they want. so, Just remember that you are standing on my beautiful living planet that is revolving at 900 miles per hour that’s orbiting at 90 miles per second. So it’s reckoned that the source of all our power the sun (not nuclear power plants built by GE, Areva or whoever) and you and I and all the stars that we can see are moving at a million miles a day. That’s figured out as moving at 42,000 miles an hour, in our galaxy called the Milky Way. Our Galaxy itself contains 100 billon stars. It’s 100,000 light years from side to side and 16,000 light years thick. We are 30,000 light year to our galactic center and go around that center every 200 million years. Our galaxy is one of million of billion in this amazing, expanding universe. The universe itself keeps expanding in all directions at the speed of light. It’s whizzing as fast as it can go, you know, 12 million miles a minute. So remember when we are felling very small and insecure, how amazing and unlikely is our birth, And pray that there is intelligent life somewhere up in space, Because we need all the help we can get down here on earth, we are going the wrong way. ( Fukushima TMI, Chernobyl disasters, but our sun has been there for billions of year and will be there for billion of years more a third grader student could tell GE where to get electricity from solar panels not 10 billion dollar nuclear power plants. HOW MUCH IS A KILOWAT HOUR OF ELECTRITY COSTING TEPCO NOW ?? ) What make those lyrics fascinating is that every statement is factual and verifiable it is the truth But the lyrics left out the most important part, Probably statistics overwhelmingly reveal that our universe contains at least a hundred million , and probably billion of Earth-like planets populated with conscious beings like you? and me. Millions of conscious civilizations exist that are million years more advanced than our newly born immature still mystically oriented civilization. Moreover the lyrics was praying for what Albert Einstein spent his professional life searching in vain for – the unifying controlling element of the universe human-like consciousness. Not stupidity!!and greed. Please THINK It’s Called Common Since (telling your children to wear long sleeve shirts to protect them from radiation does that make since) about what your doing to YOUR Home your CHILDREN,AND Planet- Earth It’s The only one we have THINK!!!