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Dr. Penny Caldicott on the new frontier of integrative medicine


Dr. Penny Caldicott

Dr. Penny Caldicott

This week, Dr. Caldicott interviews her daughter, physician Penny Caldicott. Dr. Penny Caldicott established an integrative medical center on the east coast of Australia seven years ago, and in this interview she discusses the center’s approach to look at the body as a whole to determine the cause of symptoms, or disease state. The practice, called Invitation to Health, includes a naturopath, Chinese medicine specialist, osteopath, clinical psychologists, therapists, and a mental health nurse, among other practitioners.

One Response to “Dr. Penny Caldicott on the new frontier of integrative medicine”

  1. Julie Futol Says:

    Belated but sincere thank you, and congratulations, Drs. P. & H. Caldicott!

    Listened to this again very recently and fwdd link to my 16 y.o. niece “interested” in medicine…

    Really appreciated many aspects: mother-daughter dimension, medicine (”western” and alternative approaches), “sandstone” vs. “gum trees” universities … GREAT episode!

    p.s. also loved the choice of the closing track, Soul Journey
    p.p.s. someone ought to start a “If you love this planet” Facebook page : )